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Friday, 23 September 2011

A walk to Horrid Hill

As I said yesterday I wanted to go to Horrid Hill, it is a point that leads out from the mainland but is still off of the main part of the river.
As you all know by now this is all part of the Riverside Country Park (RCP).

This first three pictures are for Chris (and anyone who doesn't know the area)

These are just looking round in the mainland part of the park.

Looking toward Sharpe Green
 Sharpe's Green is part of the Park but from the entrance is looking sort of North-west.

A view of Horrid Hill from the park
This view it about north from the mainland. This is water filled at high water. There  is also a good path to walk out to the point where there are plenty of seats to sit down on. At the point there is a board telling you what birds can be seen looking across Nor Marsh.

Across the bay
This is still looking North-west but a bit farther over. At high water this view would be looking over water

To walk out to the hill you walk past this few views.


Seen better days.
Onto the path that leads the way to Horrid Hill.
It was warm and sunny but colder in the park. The point is shelters from the off shore winds.
At low water it is nearly all mudflats. It is really all mud out to the main river. The mud holds the food that brings in the birds to feed

Close encounter
 He was flying for me and I was on the path.

Oyster catchers 
There were some Mallards but they were so far out it was not worth a shot.

Flying together
Out on the point

It was a pity that the water was choppy 

Looking for food

He just stood there
This Gull just flew in and started looking for food but he almost walked up to my feet and stood there looking at me. I was still standing there when I moved of.f

On the wind

Looking across from the point
 A long walk back in the sunshine (it was slow because I was looking everywhere).

The walk back was interrupted by a dog walker who let his dog run out the the low water mark where the birds where feeding, the birds took off like no tomorrow. It is funny because there are a lot of people walking their dogs and this was the only one to do it.

I walked back and decided to go to the wildlife pond and on the way this landed behind me.

To the pond, there is a picture on one of my other blog's of the pond

Hiding in the reeds
 Only one duck and he was in hiding
going for a swim
Ah, he wants his photo taken

Fish having a feed.
Someone had tossed a few slices of bread in and something was having a feed. I did not see what is was even as the came to the surface.

That was it but a nice 90 minutes but I was really two hours early. There  would have been more bird in shore when the water was lower.

Today I have had a Robin in the garden twice (none for years) and a Blue Tit again none for years. They did not stay long but did land on the bird table and feeder, there is hope yet that they may stay.

Have a good day.


  1. Thanks Trev, this post has made a super start to what I hope, will be a good weekend! Clear,interesting and well taken photos. I felt I was strolling along with you lol!

    Great views and I wonder what was having a nibble at the bread!

    Ken is off to Stodmarsh today wiv the girls ... I have a birthday card to finish while I watch the F1 practice ...woohoo love it!

    I am off to London tomorrow ( so I am recording the race) craft show at Ally Pally to spend some dosh! Hpe your weekend is good Trev xxx

  2. Yes, a lovely guided tour......with some great shots Trev, thank you !
    I'm off to Dawlish tomorrow, so shant be commenting for a few days !! The weather forecast is good for this week, will catch up on your blog when I get back !!!
    Chris R

  3. Thanks Chris.
    I hope that you both have a good time. and glad you liked it. It was something different.

  4. Hi Trev, been a bit busy so sorry for the late reply. Really good blog and lot's of nice pictures.

    Yes your map and jumper are here, speak tomorrow, Mike

  5. Not read any blogs until now but I found this one, like the other followeres, very interesting. I like the scene pictures, gave a feel of where you were and the guided tour was excellent. Some terrific bird images, sounds as though you enjoyed yourself as well, keep going, more required.

  6. I thought that I answer this one but I could not have done, sorry Sue

    I am glad you enjoyed this one as it took a lot of putting together. I am hoping to do more of these but the weather has to be right of the picture, watch this space.

    Thank's again


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