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Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Sunday morning walk in the park

Hi All
   I bet that like me you are up and about doing things by 10:00! Not so some of the birds, they are laying down  or standing up asleep . Not all of them but some are. Then there are others running around like no tomorrow grabbing a bite to eat as if it is that last morsel on the planet. There are other just having a relaxing time cleaning and putting their feather back into place. On top of this some are having a paddle and just ducking themselves every so often. This of course is great fun to watch from the bank as time marches on. Well all this happened this Sunday morning as you will see. Plus some just having a good moan and a Robin singing it's head off.

Somebody can't wake up
Red Shanks asleep

This bird flew at his morsel as if it was his last bite.

More feeders
I think these are Green Shanks

Mallards and Red Shanks
Quite happy sleeping and cleaning

Out of the way
This one hit the water hard as he had to land  short.

In flight

In flight

Take off

Great Black Back Gull in flight
 I love so see these flying as the look so graceful in flight

Baby one
Now for what I think is the best picture of the day.

I walked underneath this Robin who was sing away. He stayed until I got this then flew off

Question for Mike or anyone. While I was uploading picture Google logged me out and I had to log back in before I could carry one, has this happened to anyone else?

That's it for today, have fun.


  1. Lovely Robin shot Trev and the rest are good.

    Virgin bees playing around today over your way so may be that.

    Must go to bed not 100%. Well done.

  2. Mike meant to say "Virgin been" not "Virgin Bees"(Still don't really understand, that was the message). I sometimes go to post a comment and find I am logged out of Google, a real pain to log back in.
    Anyway, waited up to see what you were going to post and glad I did. The robin was wonderful, lucky old you for capturing, I also especially like the Great Black Back Gull. Nite nite, off to work in Canterbury 8 hours from now.

  3. Hi Trev, Robins have a very special place in my heart....and this shot is SUPERB !! They are a reminder of my mother, whom I lost in '89.
    Thankyou for that Trev.......
    The great black backed gull is also a fabulous shot, well done!!
    All the best
    Chris R

  4. Thanks all.

    Well Sue you have had the same problem. I was uploading and got a server error. I then found out that I had to sign in to Google again. After that it was ok.

    I was lucky, was only about 10 or 12 feet from him and he was singing away. I looked up and there he was.

  5. Very well done Trev.... all super shots but the Gull and Robin shots are right on the money!!! Super stuff ...E xx :)


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