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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Around Faversham

Hi All,
         I have been out nearly all day with Mike. We took Daisy back to Jelly Beans and the shot off round to the chuck wagon at B&Q. After a sausage, egg and bacon roll we set of to Faversham to see what we could find.

Well we found these two old guys tramping the streets, I am not sure what they were up to but they were sure looked as if they were up to no good.

I would not want to cross these guys
Not sure why they are smiling but it can't be good.

Looking across the creek.

Modern House
 This looks nice
and then

Ah yes a P.S. in the distance 

 It had to have on in the blog

Onward and outward
They are still around to be found

Faversham Creek

Mud really

Say Ah



Mum being feed with chestnuts

Mum trying to keep chestnuts in mouth

The chap feeding the lives next to them and called them over so that Mike and I could take pictures, nice of him.

Well that is that today but wait until tomorrow
Thanks for looking


  1. Well these are funny looking "eye candy" Trev

  2. Huh! When I said 'eye candy' I woz expecting good looking,charming,and YOUNG! Not two 'ol geezers!! lol lol lol :)

    Good shots Trev, the horses are 'Ooooo and ahhhh' Lovely post ! Magnificent Power Station! lol

  3. Sue said Chris didn't want scrawny and you can't say that about them, I think she just wanted to get her photography on the blog.

  4. A couple of shady characters I'd say ! And I dont mean the horses !!!
    lovely shots Trev....regards
    Chris richards

  5. Well I have been insulted by expert, so I think that I can take what you throw at me.LOL

    Thanks Chris it was a lovely day out and there is lots more to come, do't tell the others!

  6. Trev STOLE my horse shots, bo ho. only joking lol

  7. Oh I do hope not, I thought you had taken some different ones.


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