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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ore Marsh feast

After Mike, Sue and me had a tea in the  "Tea Rooms" (worth a visit) at Faversham Creek we drove off to Harty Ferry and ended up at Ore Marsh as it is just before. Here the birds are only about 30' from the road. I bet Eileen and Ken have been here. This was one of the places that I was told was worth a visit but the two people at Northward Hill the other Sunday.

There were loads of people parked in the car park so we found a spot on the road to park. There were two colonies of Godwit's numbering 1000's Avocet's, Ruff's, Coot's, Little Egret's, Great Egret's, Gray Heron's as well as some black Geese. It will take a few days to show all that we found but please forgive if I mix them up.
Mike was talking to an old hand who help us both out with the layout and told us how to get to some of the best places to overlook the lakes (the notice board calls them floods)

A large colony of Godwit's was feeding and cleaning by the side of the road but the light was bad (that says we have to have another visit)

Having a clean


Right in Close to the road

Colony with one out at a distance
Now these Black birds I think they are geese but I don't know. The one on the right had his head in his wing all of the time we were there.

Black Geese

The one on the right did not move all the time we were there
There was a lot of these there but they did not come close to us.

A few on an island

In flight



I think this is a Great Egret
It looks too big for a Little Egret 

Same Bird

Godwit's in flight

I think that I will stop there as I still have loads to process

BTW good morning to Richard who is having a look at both mine and Mike Blog.
See you all tomorrow


  1. Very nice Trev, well done, that lens certainly works well.
    I only posted 3 bird pics due to the low light and my small lens.
    Well done again, great job.

    Next time we go I shall take the Nikon.

  2. Some really nice shots Trev ! I like the godwits in flight...very nice !!!
    chris richards

  3. oh yes indeedy! I enjoyed this posting Trev ... Great pictures .... Ken visits here a lot with Miffy... I have been a couple of times..... love it. xx

  4. Thank All
    It is a place that I want to go back to
    I would not have to worry about hight or low water.
    I am trying to find the pictures that I took of the Ruff but can't find them.


Thanks You for your comment