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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The war on the bird table

Morning All, the title says it all, the war on the bird table start around 9:30 and lasted about 20 minutes.

At one time it got very vicious with both  gladiators  well match. It all started when a Dove was happily feeding and another one tried to muscle in. It looked to me like it was going to be to the death as one bird jumped on the other before flying away (landed on the bird feeder) and then came back for more. The one that was feeding stood his ground and made the other one fly off to his perch. This went on while I was sitting watching. and as luck would have it I had moved the bird table away from the window reflection this morning..

This is how it started

Go away mate push off
Of course he didn't

Not on you life, I want food
 The next thing that happened was wam bam 

I told you that I wanted food, there

Gerroff me
 The next thing 

Your a dead man
Somehow the under dog push him off and he flew up and circled round.

I'm waiting for you
I told you to push off
He did and did not come back he had enough I think. So ended the battle of the bird table.

I was just about to carry on with some work when I saw a Robin on the ground, he was too quick for me as he flew off. That is the third or fourth time  have seen a Robin so maybe they are returning.

Then a Starling that had been watching all this carry on from the ground went for one of my feeders hanging on the bird table. I am not sure if that Dove (who was still feeding) like this.

I'm watching you
The Starling had a few beakfulls and flew to the feeder.

Where to next
He flew onto one of the feeders.

Then in the PM things got busy,first there was the Robin.

Robin returns for a drink but look what I have in my beak!

Look I still have it

Oh dear I had better go
Then  after he went into the trees a Blue Tit stopped by but I wasn't quick enough the get a picture of him, as I lifted the camera he was off.


Having a drink

What next

I am sure he didn't know what to do next.

He was off after having his fill
Baby Blackbird

I am sure this is the same one that is on yesterdays blog. it is a lot brighter.

That is enough for today, with luck Mike and I are off somewhere tomorrow
See you tomorrow


  1. Wow Trev, there is certainly alot going on in your garden, all these fights for supremacy, love it. Also love the commentary, did you notice the head of a bystander peeping in top left of the one captioned: "Oh dear I had better go"? Was he thinking, "Oh good, he is going, my turn"? Well done Trev.

  2. Well done Trev, great story. Sue has said it all. Keep it up.

  3. Brilliant stuff Trev .... love the story and all the super pictures ... they really come to life ! It's all going on in your back garden and the reflection did not show that much, I think you have cracked it .... one thing..... the 'baby blackbird' ...... is a Sparrow lol lol lol !

    love ya!!
    E xx

    Ps where is the Power Station ??? Mike has a big one !!

  4. Hi Trev, what a birdie kerfuffle !!
    some great shots and wonderful commentary.....
    What no PS ?
    Chris R

  5. Sorry Eileen, It is too dark for a sparrow they are a lot lighter on the breast but it is a bit small for a BB.

    Oh dear I let Mike have the limelight on his PS and I get it in the neck for not having one, Boo Hoo. LOL

    Mike do you feel like a run round taking picture of PS today? So many PS they will want more,Hee He


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