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Monday, 31 October 2011

Autumn Colour

Have you noticed all the changing colours as you walk the streets or drive out into the wilds. I have, for many years I have done nothing about it. Today that changed. I got some funny looks taking picture of trees, shrubs and leaves by the side of the road.

Not much to say but to show you lots. Enjoy, because there is lots of them.

I started off in the road near to Motney Hill but ended up in Riverside, lots of birds but for another day.

In the road

Riverside Country Park

That is it but remember that you have two eyes and can see everything or nothing. 

I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for looking


  1. Fascinating colours and some great shots Trev !
    Love the one with the wasp......fabulous !!!
    Chris R

  2. Thanks Chris, I am just looking for something different

  3. Well done Trev lots of lovely colours for those that see, as you implied people don't always notice what is around.
    P.S. you beat Michael by an hour.

  4. Very good set Trev, well done. I think the winter is going to be very challenging for us two.

  5. Trev ...this is one of your best posts ...ever!
    Lovely, lovely pictures, well done that man!
    I am not sure what the bird is .... Sparrow? No...still not sure .. gonna ask Kendo. Thanks Trev a beautiful start to my day ... off to see Mike's blog now !

  6. Thank all for the lovely comments.

    I thought it was a Sparrow but really not sure but he was so tame that he stayed there.

    Mike there are going to be some good views if we can get out to see them.

  7. Well you have done it again. Really different from the others. Enjoyed looking at them and will look harder when I go out, Autumn really is a very pretty time. Kayrole


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