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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Autumn Birds

This is part of yesterdays walk and there seems to be more birds feeding. Some are coming here for the winter and other are residents here. Godwit's it seems winter here but breed in Siberia.

Anyway let's get on, most were out a way but there is a deep channel near the entrance to Motney Hill and there were a few there which meant that they were close to the shore line.

Gulls in flight
 These took off in front of me

Two taking off together

Magpie in flight

Godwit feeding

Godwit's and a Red Shank 


Teals and Gulls


Magpie having a drink 

Red Shank

Lapwing's Red Shank's and  Godwit
That was it no Cormorant's or Egret's

Last night's sunset was rather nice

Today I caught my Robin, I miss him this morning but this afternoon he was feeding off the bird table with his back to me. I sat down and pick up the camera and waited for him to turn round.

Thanks for looking


  1. Another good blog, like the robin ones, remind me to ask a question about birds tomorrow. BTW looks like Ashford is on, so a light breakfast is called for. Will update you in the morning by phone.

  2. Looks like good walk out Trev ...we are so lucky with the weather! I took the girls over to Grain beach yesterday morn ...early saw the sunrise! Sooo beautiful and NO people about bliss! The Robin is my 'Top' bird I just feel good when I see one and they sing so well too .... Love all the pictures but the Robin shots ..... my fav! Thanks xxxxx

  3. I wish I could have been there Eileen as it was nice yesterday morning, I love watching the sun rise but I need to go out for a good view.

    That sounds nice Mike, the chuck wagon here we come.

  4. Hi Trev love the robin shots and the beautiful sunsets !
    Chris R


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