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Sunday, 30 October 2011


Having had to go and buy a new monitor I thought that I had better look for something to put on here. For those that don't know, I published last nights blog and the monitor switched itself off never to turn on again. I had only just put the laptop away after the week and had to go on line to find another one. Most of the places local that I looked were out of stock or on a two to five day order. This limited my options but Curry's / PC world do keep them. I reserved one to pick up this morning when they opened.

 I was hoping that the cloud would clear and it would brighten up, no such luck. Then I saw a Goldfinch on the feeder. I went and got the camera hoping that he would not be gone. On returning there were two feeding and another dropped in. There in the middle of the reflection in the window. I have managed to remove most of it.

You coming down

This looks good
 This lot took place over about 30 minutes with them flying off but coming back.

Then there were four

Making way for five

Getting on with it

All the more for me

Cor that looks tasty

It sure does

Not that good huh

Wow, wot's going on

He's gone for a bath
I thing that we have here two females and three male as they seem to stick together.

That's it, lets hope for some nice weather as there is some lovely Autumn colours out there.

See you soon


  1. Cor ....smashing shots of smashing birds... Now they know where you are Trev they will bring their mates! We get up to thirty all in the garden together during some winter months ..

  2. I look forward to that Eileen as I have not seen the Robin for a while, only Doves and Starlings.

  3. Fantastic shots Trev ! Are'nt they pretty little birds.....I bet they made your day, what food do you use ?
    Chris R

  4. Niger seeds I think they are called, Eileen told me to use them so she will know better than me.

    They are pretty birds

    My Robin showed up this morning but I did not have the camera with me.


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