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Monday, 17 October 2011

Bad days are a coming part one

Well that is the forecast for this week, so I thought I had better get out before it gets here.

Low water was 8:20am so the tide was going to be out where ever I went. I decided to go to Bloors Wharf as I have been neglecting it for a while. As it is a good way from the car and there is nowhere to place anything when you get there it was a travel light job. The sun was warm but the wind was cool and I needed a jacket, pity because it was too hot with it........

As I was walking up I saw that the birds were a good way out with only a few in close. But there was part of a colony of Gulls with both Red Shank's and Godwit's, both half a sleep.  I walked out to where the deep water creek is at low water and on passing a flock of Gulls I saw that they had in the middle a flock of Starlings feeding. I got a few shots off when they took off. Now I have noticed that at home if one flies off the other seem to follow.

Who you looking at
A lot of them just fly off when you get close but not this one didn't.

While walking on the path I heard a Robin but I could not see him, he even carried on chirping away while I was looking for him, no luck.

Starlings in flight
There was a couple of dozen of them ring in the middle of the Gulls

Bloors Wharf

Ducks in flight
I can't find these in any book but they maybe Teals

the same ducks
They took off to move farther out, boo

The Dam Buster comes to mind
While these were flying around all the time.

Even more so

I don't remember seeing a Lapwing here before but there was one near the entrance near the colony of Gulls

This one

Taking a bath

More manoeuvres 

I think these are Ruffs or Godwit's
They must have been up all night cos they are still a sleep.

Starling feeding with Gulls

Keeping an eye open

Well that is it for today but of course this blog would not be complete, with out at least one shot that is missing, would it.

I have not let you down.

Grain PS
Please wait for part two tomorrow

Thanks for looking


  1. Great shots Trev, somehow the colours seem to be more vibrant. There was plenty happening this morning, the flocks are so graceful.
    Very true about the weather change, we must make the most of the good days.

  2. Best shot of the day... flying Lapwing I recon.

    Good blog, shame the weather is changing, looking forward to our usual trip on Wednesday and lunch.

  3. Great post Trev... I love all the picture, even the blooming PS!! My fav today tho is the little white Gull all on it's own and like Mike, the flying Lapwing! xx

  4. The lapwing stole the show for me.....some good shots there Trev ! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, it made my day !!!
    Chris R

  5. Well I am glad that I got one or two good shots as I didn't thing they were as good as normal. They just didn't seem right.

    The ducks were over a large area and that caused a problem with the focus. Still I am glad you liked them.

  6. Been trying to help with the identification of your flying ducks. I hink they could be Shoveller but not entirely sure. Will get my brother on the case, he has a better eye for these things than me.

  7. Ok, after prolonged discussions with my brother Steve it is felt that while some of the flying ducks might be shoveller the brownish ones are not. So after consulting bird books and images on Google we think they are a mix of Shelduck and Ruddy Shelduck. Real are a lot smaller and have a distinctive eye stripe.


  8. Sorry should have said Teal are a lot smaller etc.

  9. Thanks Mike
    I hope to get a little closer for a better picture later on.


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