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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Bad days are a coming part two

Now the weather has turned cold I am glad I took enough picture to last two days. Today is bright and sunny and we don't have the rain that they said we were going to get, it did come through last night.

 Mike and I are off out with Sue tomorrow to a place just outside Ashford (I have forgotten the name for now) but it is the other side of the A20 opposite  road to Westwell. By this time of the year there should be some very ghostly tree to photograph (he hee).

Back to yesterday

Teals in flight

More of the same

I think these are Ruff

Teals again
These were flying out and were too far out after this.

Crash landing
He nearly went under


Come on out
This was a struggle for him.


Red Shanks

Kingsnorth what else
PS's seem to be getting a following on hear, what a load of sado's we have here LOL

1985 or so

Guess who
Mike in the middle playing with his toys

Well I think that makes up for all the comments on Facebook LOL

That is it for today, so let's see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks for looking


  1. I waited up to see Part Two, glad I did, doesn't Eileen look young? Now 1985 she must have been about 20 ?!?!?!?! Good job there Trev.
    There are still plenty of birds around, hope tomorrow will be as good.

  2. Your really in trouble now, she aint going to like

    Pic of the post, yes the lapwing...Great Stuff Trev.

  3. Oooooooooooo Trevor!!!!!! Where did you get THAT picture from ( nice one Sue, so kind xx) Cor blimey what a blast from the past ..... I knew our FB comments would get us into trouble .... It was all Mike's fault Trev .... he encouraged me!lol

    Enjoy today xxxxx

  4. Dont take a lot to encourage you Eileen. I look so thin in that last shot, I now have old age spread.XX

  5. I like the 'oops' shot, and of course the beautiful lady from '85 !!!
    Chris R

  6. Eileen that was taken when we ran GB4BVF when the Guy from Radio Kent paid a visit.

    I think that you look slimmer now Mike as that was only what 2004 or 5 when you won that.

    No Sue I'm not saying, that is one subject I will stay stum on.

  7. I missed Eileen's me to, No your not and I'm not just saying that.

    Me, I have put it on and I have Middle age and old age spread together, LOL


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