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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Out and about

Hi All
      I was on my way to Ore Marshes with a nice bright sun shining through the windscreen when I realised that it was misty. this gave me an idea so I turned off to get some Petrol. I then drove to the Swale estuary just below the bridge. I pulled over and stopped to have a look round. The birds were a long way out, disappointing I thought. But wait this give me a chance to try my new spotter scope. First I set up the camera then the spotter scope. I could see a few Gulls right out but not worth taking a shot. I took a look through the scope and I found that there were more than just Gulls out there. There were Oyster Catchers, Red Shanks (I have never seen them here before and a Lapwing. I tried to photograph them but they were too far away.

Now what else I saw was worth going on it's own. not one but two PS in the mist

Grain PS
 This one was taken at Riverside as the one I took at the estuary was no good.

Kingsnorth PS in the mist
This was taken at the estuary ( I think that the sun's angle was wrong for the Grain one)

Anyway the scope was great and I would not have seen the birds without it. After this I drove to Lower Helstow but again there was only Gulls and they had not come in close. 

Next stop was to drive to Riverside and with luck the car park was not full. I was not going out there but I ended up going out to Horrid Hill where Mike went yesterday only this time it was low water. 

As I moved out along the foot path some Gulls were coming in in flocks

Looking towards Sharps Green

The same

More coming in
 I took the left path up by the rusty barge but this has it's dangers as it is all uneven rocks.

This one for Mike, after his rusty barge picture I thought I would take a different angle on it.

Rusty Hulk
I bet Mike did not see this next one, it was in the trees between the main path and the left hand path by the shore.

All twisted up

Canada Geese
I was trying to sneak up on them but I could not get out on the shore where they were. 

I don't know what these next two are 

Could be a Gull

He was with the Canada Geese

Two birds with attitude 
I do find them.

When I got to the point there were a few people with scopes looking across to Nore Marsh. With my camera I could see (just) what there were looking at. the were Red Shanks, Oyster Catchers and I saw at least one Godwit, the rest were Gulls. At low water it is a nice place to visit and with the telescope. I do wish that I had taken it but I could not carry everything. May be next time I will try.



One the way back I found something for Mike but Sorry OTL no fungi.

Want to make some jam
That's it, there were plenty more but these are the best.

Thanks for looking


  1. Hi Trev, You seen to be getting some luck with the scope. good read and blog. Like the rusty hulk shot, the light is totally different from mine. I wonder how old she really is and what it was boat wise.

    Hope you picked some berries so that I could make some jam.

    What a change from yesterday weather wise, looks like Jack Frost is here mid week.

  2. Great post Trev .... love the boat and you are doing some really great shots with the birds!

    I am poorly today wiv a cold...... oooops sneezing all over my lappy!! E x

  3. Hi Trev, love the 'landing' shot ! Thanks for
    a lovely blog !
    Chris R

  4. I think the notice says 1879 or around that time Mike. It was around 1000 so the sun was around SE where yours would have been more west.

    Sorry to here that Eileen get better soon.

    I was lucky Chris as he was not to far away.

    The Starlings are coming back in numbers and were fighting over the bird bath this morning, great fun to watch.

  5. Hi Trev
    I think the first of the birds you were unsure about labelled "could be a gull" is a Golden Plover. Cant help with the duck though


  6. Yes I think you are right, thanks.

  7. Ok discussed this one with brother Steve, he thinks that the second unknown "duck" is in fact a dark phase Brent Goose, I think that your Canada Geese might be Brent geese having looked at the photo again.



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