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Thursday, 20 October 2011

A walk in the black forest and teaching Daisy to skip

Yesterday it was a day out (afternoon) for Mike and me, so at 11:00am I set out over to his place. On arriving Sue said get you camera they are out in the back garden teaching Daisy to skip. The next thing was to sneak up on her to take a picture, this is what I caught:

Daisy learning to skip

I think she gave up

After this we took Daisy back to Ashford to her play school. Then it was round to the chuck wagon for lunch. It was a bit cold in the wind there as we decided where to go. I had looked up two places that were on our way home, one was called The Warren and the other Hothfield Heathlands. this was near as it is just inside Ashford.  We decided on this one first and if time go to the other one later. Well we stayed for what must have been near two hours walking through broken ghostly tree. Some of the had moved by the time we returned to the car. There were some very strange sounds as well, not human by any means.

the clearing
This leads  you in but don't be taken in by its looks, peaceful, just look like it.

Then there is the fallen tree

Laid to rest
We really should not have stayed but headed for the hills, but no we kept going and even after the next one.

All twisted up
Now doesn't this give you a clue to what might happen next, no!!

The grabber
This one nearly grabbed both of us in one go, frightening!

This one followed us with its three eyes and it just seemed to be everywhere.

Then we heard this scrapping noise but could not see anything. By this time Sue had fled back to the car, we should have gone with her.

The tree were on the move. from all directions.

Pulling itself out of the ground

 Coming from every way but which way

We escaped to a clearing and they did not follow, but we would have to go back into the trees to get back to the car.

The clearing
A safe haven 

The Ghost in the puddle
This shot did not come out as I wanted. I tried to catch Mike's reflection in the puddle. I just got part of him on the left.

After this we made our way back to the car and there was not time to stay at Hothfield as we would need a day to see over it.

See you tomorrow


  1. That's very good Trev those trees look very frightening you have caught them just right.
    In case someone who knows me can see that the "Skipping Trainer" was not me it was our neighbour who has a granddaughter of 7 years and has taken on the task of doing the teaching.

  2. Right spooky old trees Trev, those three eyes were definately watching you ! Very atmospheric post for October......I've got goosebumps !!!
    Chris R

  3. Ooooo fantastic post Trev .... lovely of Daisy. I am sure she will be skipping in no time!! The trees are brilliant Trev ... very good pictures and interesting to boot!! well done that man xxxx

  4. Thanks both, I was in too late to do anything last night. But too out tomorrow morning!!!!

  5. Well done that man. just finished work so had a busy day.

    Good story line Trev, your imagination is running wild, keep it up.


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