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Saturday, 1 October 2011

National Space Centre

Hi All
      What a wonderful day out in Leicester at the National Space Centre. This event was laid on by the Mid-Kent Astronomical Society for it's members. So 12 -14 members arrived at the centre around 1200 this morning. One thing, these pictures were taken with my Fuji FinePix 2200, this is a compact camera that is small and light. It normally give good pictures but the way the centre is lit you can't use flash. The camera doesn't like this (nor did other with better cameras). So bare with these as they are not as good as normal.

There is some very interesting exhibits the best being an original Soyuz Capsule, the info pictures are hard to read.

 The Soyuz Capsule, Ahead of you is the space centre's Soyuz Capsule
Soyuz Capsule's are Russian manned spacecraft. They are the longest serving manned spacecraft in history.
Soyuz is designed to carry three astronauts into low Earth orbit. Spacecraft similar to this are used to ferry astronauts to and from the ISS

enlarge to read

Now the spacecraft 

 How would you like to live with three people in this, yuck

As you can see the lighting is not good and with the camera's fixed flash this is no way of stopping burn out.

Also at the centre is astronaut training for the moon, a theatre which has awesome 3D screen (I ducked at least once). a Thor rocket.. A room kitted out for the 60 with radiogram and a soda-stream to name two.
A lot is set out for education and for schools. Our member have taken better images than some that they have their. Mind you there are newsreels of  time and they do show how TV has improved over the time.

This is a model taken and the picture is taken from above. 

A model of the ISS
International Space Station.

Space suite 
Now for something that I held onto from yesterday.


Who you looking at
That is it for today.
I hope to get out tomorrow morning but can't go far, so fingers xxxx


  1. Ye old camera worked quite will, sounds like you had a good day inside out of the sun.

    Good Magpie image at the end.

  2. Yes Mike it was not the cameras fault but the lighting. whatever was displayed had light flooding it so you had to try and angle the shot so as not get a light reflection. If you used a flash you burnt out with a reflection.

    The only good shot of the day was the ISS as I was looking down from above.

    You can write load about the place but only a visit tell more.

  3. Jolly interesting post Trev... The pictures are pretty good considering your conditions.

    I think I would go daft having to spend ANY time in that space craft with three others !

    I know that the technology regarding space is very clever, however, the beauty of the Magpie as you went back to 'Nature' from rusty 'ol bits of machinery, is beyond compare in my opinion ! lol lol x

  4. Fascinating stuff Trev ! And spending time with three others in the craft well, it depends who the three others are !!!
    Nice Magpie shot.
    Chris R

  5. I thought that you would do a yawn Eileen. I know what you both mean as the inside of my car is bigger. Think of spending six days (a trip to the moon and back)and not getting out, no I would not do it.

    The window reflection makes the Magpie a bit dark but it is ok, thanks.

  6. Hi Trev, my blog is up and running,would love you to come over and take a look !!!
    Slobbery licks
    Mad MAX


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