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Sunday, 2 October 2011

New views

Hi All
       I have found a new place to take my pictures. I had to go out this morning and thought I would then go to the estuary. No birds close in all out on the low water mark.
I had heard of a place at Lower Halstow and thought I would give it a try. The road is called Lapwing Drive, now that must mean something. I drove there in a few minutes as it was not far away. I parked up and walked through the gate and wow, this is what was there. Before I start I have to say that these birds are the worse one to have an attitude problem as you will see, but it is not all bad.

Sailing Barge
  This look as if it is used not just laid up
And then

Looking ahead of the path
Having a look round to get my bearings

Towards Upchurch
 and across the river over the trees

That darn PS
But a surprise was in store  for me

Five together

Here are two real bad kick ass birds, it really is seconds out.

In the red corner

In the Blue corner


And the winner is
The looser did get some of the spoils 
Catch me if you can

Now a nice calm feed
Having a quite feed
Quite calm after that heavy weight fight

Yet another bad tempered bird
 I wonder if it is something in the water!

Happily Feeding 
There were other things other than these bad tempered birds!

Old Jetty

a wreck

Then there is the fruits and berries

Rose hip
That is it but I will go there again as it is not that far. I bet it is nice and quiet in the week.

See you tomorrow


  1. I like this place Trev.... love the 'moody' wreck picture and the wrinkles! on the berries. I do enjoy your captions under the bird shots .... you capture what they are 'saying' so well ! lol lol lol xxx

  2. Hi Trev, some lovely shots.....nice to find somewhere new !
    Chris R

  3. Thank all, It is only down the road so I can go any time.

    I think that Mike and I are off on Wednesday but as the weather is changing who knows where we will end up.

  4. Well done Trev, I have had a second look. Was a bit tired last night, it took us two and a half hours to get home from Ramsgste the traffic was horrendous.

    Yes your new site looks good, lets see what happens Wednesday.

  5. Oh yes, I like the tale of the boxing match and superb scenery. Looks like a very photogenic place where you will see something new each time. Lovely.....

  6. Oh I am sure you will, it will change a lot for low to high water and back


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