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Friday, 30 September 2011

Mud Flats (Nor Marsh)

Hi All
       What a warm day it is. I had to stay in today and did not think that I would get out, but luck was on my side. At about 11:00 I was finished and thought that as high water was at 1440 I had enough time to go to the mud flats at Nor Marsh. I am glad that I did not leave it until later as when I got there the creeks were filling up.
I walked out to where Mike and I went the other Thursday, boy wasn't it hot. I managed to get to the point that we reached last time and what a disappointing view there were only a few birds out there. I did capture a few on the way out but the Gulls were moving off as they did last time. There was a a couple of Oyster catchers, a Godwit and one that looked like a x between the two.

Creeks filling up
 This is looking at the creek that I go to at Bloors Wharf 

Horrid Hill
 Looking across the mud flats to Horrid Hill, it look a lot smaller from here

I can see you
This crafty bird looks like he is asleep but has his eye on you.

Low flyer
 As you can see he is only a few feet off the mud

Coming in to land
I think this is the best shot of the day

Oyster catcher
This was a lucky shot as it is a long way a way. 

Not sure what this is
 See the next picture as this is the one that I can't ID. he has along beak 

Not sure what this is

Common Mallow

No idea what this is 

Power Station
No blog is any good with out the power station init

Well that is it, tomorrow I am off to the Leicester Space Centre, so look out for some boring old space shots.


  1. Some good shots Trev......must put a power station shot on my blog ???
    Chris R

  2. Hi Trev, wonderful post, lots of nice subjects.

    Sorry not been on as we have had company and the bathroom fiasco since my last post.

    Will be back tonight though.

  3. Another interesting post Trev with super pictures ... The Bird you cannot ID is , we think,an Oyster Catcher with mud all over its beak .... they are black and white with bright orange legs and long orange beaks but of course they get covered in mud. A bit like Daisy and Holly when they go down the beach ... we are off to Minis Bay with them tomorrow ... should be fun !!

  4. Thank you Eileen, it was the beak that seemed wrong which is why I thought I was wrong, ta


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