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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ore Marsh feast two

Carrying on from yesterday I still have loads of good pictures to bore you with. I have found the pictures of the Ruff and still loads of action shots.

This mornings sunrise was quite good but did not last long (normal really)



Two Great Egret's

We have lift off
Ever one duck
Grey Heron
I want a new coat
Grey Heron
In flight Grey Heron
I had to duck
It is a pity that the light was so bad as with sunlight these would have been so much better. I thing if we get a bright day I will take a trip back and try again.


Avocet and black goose

Avocet in flight

Bird with attitude 
Godwit colony in the distance

Flock of Godwit's

Out pipes, stand easy


Godwit in flight
Avocet's landing 

Make way

I'm cold

Ruff doing a dance

Ruff "don't I look good"
Tonight I had my first Sparrow in the garden. Too many pictures for now.

Well that is the end of this lesson, I will have to wait until I can get out. I have a busy weekend ahead.
I had friends round for a Chinese tonight and there is a meteor shower tomorrow and Sunday a car show.
So the next blog can be anything, watch this space!

Ta for looking.


  1. Really GREAT blog Trev, well done. lovely pictures and great story to boot.

    Wont be out at all this weekend and the family are coming tomorrow. See you at Boomers Monday.

  2. I love all these pictures Trev ... You must walk miles each week .... I know Ken does! Good for you, keeps the old weight down !

  3. Thanks Both,
    Next blog in minutes

  4. Sorry Trev, I'm confused, either i'm missing your posts or Blogger is playing up again !!
    I am so glad i've found this post it is glorious... some fabulous shots Trev, love the sunsets and the 'I'm cold' shot, brilliant !!!
    Chris R

  5. It must be the blog as I find that I am missing some.


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