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Monday, 3 October 2011

Trapped today (well it felt like it)

Hi all
        This is bad because I normally get to write this through out the day but not so today. I'm having to write this now so please bare with me if I make a mistake.

I was up early well before sunrise which meant I saw the dawn break. That was not bad but not as good as the other day.

 These were taken just before 0630 this morning

After I had cleaned up I decided to wash and clean all of the feeders and the bird bath. Let them dry and refill them. this took longer that I thought it would do.

I then saw a Greenfinch having a feed, that held me up as I rushed to get the camera

Greenfinch stayed a long while and did not seem worried by the other birds.

At around 1200 it was off to join three of my friends for lunch and a nice technical decision on ATU's (this is where Eileen yawns). Then it was off shopping and home.

Around 1700 I saw this bird really having a go at the food I had put out. I think it is a baby Blackbird but it is a bit dark.

Baby Blackbird
That was going to be it but the Moon was at first quarter, so I took the camera out as it might be the last time I see it for a while. I must be getting better at the moon because I only took three to get it right.

First quarter
That is it for today, I hope for a bit more tomorrow.


  1. nice Greenfinch, like the sunrise.

    There was an article about cleaning feeders, it seems that they are neglected cleaning wise.

  2. Nice post Trev,love the colourful sunrise shots and by the way the blog looks great !!!
    Chris R

  3. That the problem Mike they need washing about one a month and bird tables move once a month it helps keep the garden around the table clean.

    Thanks Chris

  4. Just adore the Moon shot Trev .... not sure what the bird is ... Good to keep the feeders clean ... birds can suffer with all sorts! and pass it on to their 'mates' xx

  5. It is a bit dark Eileen, I have had that lighting trouble today, cloud.

    The Moon shot maybe the last for a while as it is going to be cloudy.

    It is the same old story there is a meteor shower on Saturday and we have been invited to Northward Hill to watch it. Boo Hoo


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