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Saturday, 19 November 2011

A bit of luck needed

Morning All,
            I am hoping to go out with Mike today if I can sit in the car and if I can get over to him in time.
This is the first time I will have been in a car since last Monday. The back was a lot better yesterday but that could be the build up from the tabs. I still have trouble standing up from a chair if I sit down to long but a car seat  I hope will be ok as I can swing may legs out.

I manage to get a few shot around the garden but I have added them to my stock list. I will for now carry on with what I have taken before.

Lapwing, Red Shank and the reflection of a gull 


Colony towards the reserve 

Is this a sea mushroom?
No it is white rock but I thought I would have one over on OTL and Mike. It does look like the top of a mushroom

Are they lost?

Well that's another over so wish me luck. Have fun

See you tomorrow, Thanks for looking.


  1. Those ducks certainly look lost going round in circles....

  2. Hi Trev

    Hope your back gets better soon..I know what you are going through. Nice pics, weather better down there than in the middle today.


  3. Awww I really feel for you Trev .... it makes you feel so miserable when you are in pain .... I hope it went okay today xx Great birdies Trev and looking forward to seeing what else you have in reserve!!!

    Take care E xxxx

  4. Thanks all,
    Back maybe on the mend as very little pain today. It might be the tabs build up or it might be getting better.

    Strong Ibuprofen Tabs Eileen

  5. He was ok today, just a twinge now and again. We had a great day out with quite a few photos to show for it.


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