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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hooray but not too loud

Morning All,
                 Quietly,the back seems a lot better this morning, I don't want to wake it up. It is still a little tender if I am not careful but so far no pain, just a bit of a twinge.

As Mike said in his blog we all went to Bluewater Shopping Centre yesterday. The main reason was that Sue was working in their from 10 till 4 but finished at 3, good what.

Mike and I managed to spend nearly an hour in Jessops Mike talking camera and me talking telescopes to one of the staff. After this we had a coffee before venturing out side. Now I have never being shopping at Bluewater and if I never go again it will be too soon. But the outside is a different matter, I love it. We walked nearly all the way round  the outside before heading off to Beacon Woods.

This one is for Daisy and Holly "Pirates" here are some real pirates for you, really mean guys, so watch out, these guys are on the look out for you, least that is what they told me.

I have the sun in my eyes

Where have those two dogs got to.

Look out this on has raided you home

Huh, not worth a carrot!
We carried on round and passed a lake / pound. and I think we came across the pirates boat.

Pirates boat ready for a quick get away
But also on the pound / Lake

Heavy landing

A life on the pound.

This is all mine, all mine!

Well that is it but my Beacon Woods will come later as I am building up stock for when I / we can't get out.

Have fun and thanks for looking


  1. Daisy and Holly can't say you didn't warn them about the pirates, from Daisy's blog they are going to the Woods today. I bet they keep away from Bluewater!
    Good blog Trev and nice to see birds plus something different, great fun.

  2. Hi Trev Lovely to here you are on the mend !
    Some nice shots !
    chris and dave R

  3. Thanks, it was a good day out and a change for me.
    Got dinner all set up for Wednesday Sue.

  4. See you didnt know what you were missing, more to Bluewater than the shops!!!

  5. Soooooo pleased your back is better Trev .... I love Bluewater and have just been looking at Mike's blog! Super pictures here Trev and I will be telling Daisy and Holly that 'uncle' Trev has been playing wiv the pirates!! lol xx

  6. I don't like shopping centres at the best of time.
    We did manage to get their before it got crowded, but after lunch I was glad to move on.

    Bluewater is ok if you don't have to go inside.

  7. Yer, old white beard is a bit of a card. Trevs better me poorly.


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