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Friday, 18 November 2011

I think i have cracked it

Morning All
              My back was playing up this morning so I go out of bed at 5. This helped as moving around unlocks it.
Too early for breakfast and the paper shop is not open until 6 so I thought I would have a go at the Moon. The sky was clear of cloud and there was no wind, ideal I thought to have a play.

The first problem that I came across which I had not noticed before was play  in the tripod. This was ok with just the camera on it but put the 400mm L on it and  trying to get the Moon to stay in the viewfinder was a big problem. I had to second guess where it was going to end up if at all in the viewfinder.

Now the biggest problem with the Moon is contrast as the hills are very bright and the valleys very dark. This is one reason why you need to process the images.

I had set up mirror lock up on the camera and done a few tests, so I set that up and went outside. The Moon is a half Moon so is still bright. Lens set to manual focus and about 500 at F11. This was too dark so dropped it down to 100 and then to 80, still on F11.

Processed the images and was not happy with the focus, so set up again. I tried a few more shots and still was not happy.

Third time lucky, so as not to bore Eileen too much.....

Just cropped and the contrast changed no other processing done

  Processed and sharpened

A lot better but just need a bigger lens.....

From last Sunday

Coming in to land

Is the runway clear

Duck low flying birds


Messing about on the river

Well that is it I am having to stay in today but with luck and the first time since last Sunday I hope to get a trip in tomorrow

Have fun, thanks for looking


  1. Hi Trev, I think you have cracked it with the moon, well done. Good bird pics also hope you are better this morning.

  2. Wow trev, wonderful pics of the moon. Haven't seen 5am for a couple of years since I retired from working shifts for 30 years.....Dave

  3. I still think I can to better with the Moon. I am going to try the new Moon in a week or two.

    I don't normally get up at that time but I was uncomfortable in bed this morning, so got up.

  4. Yoohoo Trev .... not bored at all ...yawn (TIC) lol
    I was up at 5 as well Trev. cos the girls were woofin at blooming foxes!

    I really like the moon shots and look forward to seeing the full moon

  5. Poor Eileen, Maybe OTL should give them some of his malt before they go to bed, no chance of that. LOL


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