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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Just for fun Bonfires, Motorways and fireworks, time warp

Hi All
      Tonight is bonfire nite so here is a topical blog. The Bell in Bredhurst has it's fund raising for the Kent Air Ambulance. This is a firework display and raises nearly £5000 every year.

The radio club help out with the car parking so I don't get to see the fireworks. But tonight three of us stayed on the motorway bridge to have a bit of fun. They lit the fire about 1900 and the first rocket went up at 1930.

Bonfire from motorway bridge 

These shot are for fun so don't thing they are for real

As I was standing on the motorway bridge.....

Time warp 

The fireworks are more that half a mile a way, with motorway lighting underneath the fireworks so I had no chance of taking anything like real pictures. This is why I thought to have a little fun.

Have fun.


  1. Last one the best, you should have musseled in on the event.

  2. Oh Trev, the fireworks shots are amazing......
    Cant wait to see all the winter pics that you will take !
    Chris R

  3. I was doing the car park Mike, but this year they used the Park and Ride one. So the three of us walked up on to the motorway bridge. The trouble was the rain and light pollution. This is why I thought I could have some fun.

    Thanks Chris, I can't wait for the frosts and snow (as long as it doesn't last too long.

  4. After what's happened dont count on this event next year. Just trying to be realistic, no doubt bonfires and displays will have to be quite away from Motorways.

  5. Just love this post Trev ..... great, great shots!

    We did not see any fireworks this year as Holly gets very scared and just shakes all over ... I sat and cuddled her all evening .... Daisy woofs a bit but then goes to sleep.. they do not seem to worry her as much ! xx

  6. I thought that they were going to move it next year Mike, to the centre reservation. that way all the driver can see the fireworks as they drive past.

    Poor Holly some are like that but good for Daisy, that's my girl


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