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Monday, 28 November 2011

High tide and odd things

Yesterday was one of the highest tides here for a while, a spring tide that at a suppose hight of 6.5 mtr. I am not sure if it reach this hight. Six of us ended up at the Barge Edith May to see her lift off of her blocks and to take pictures. Great fun and a cream tea afterwards. Now there are lots of shots of Grain PS, this is not because we like PS's (but we do) but there is a ship alongside and as the tide comes in she rises up the PS.

about 1240


1345 High tide
Look at the boat it is higher up the PS

Near high water

High water jetty flooded

Boat out of the water
Now the odds

Bad mannered not careless 
Saw us and said blow you.

Looking out from High Helstow

Kingsnorth PS


More shadows

Fungi (here's looking at you)


New Moon

Edith May high water

That is it, Mike took his own pictures 

Have fun, thank's for looking


  1. Love the shadows Trevor

  2. Well done Trev, should had kicked the old man out of the way lol.

    Who had a cream tea, not Trevor, I always call him Trevor when I want to be assertive lol.

    Great one of the three stooges, well two anyway.

    Good blog and a laugh taking the pictures

  3. Hi Trev, some good shots here ! The weather looked really good for you !
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Lovely post Trev ... The old geezer needs a lesson in good manners! Great shots and interesting stuff as well .... DEEP JOY about the PS Shots lol lol xxx

  5. Thank's all it was great fun taking them.

    Stand by tomorrow as it is all mushrooms and Toadstools. Hee he

  6. I like the water over the jetty best and with the blue sky the water is a great colour. It was a good day and the cream tea very enjoyable, looking forward to mushrooms and toadstools in your next instalment.


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