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Thursday, 17 November 2011

In stock

Morning All,

       First let me thank all my well wishers. This morning I had trouble getting out of bed I was very stiff and could hardly move. Once I was up and moving everything was fine, that is unless I sit down for too long. When I walked round the paper shop I was almost back to normal, but sitting down at breakfast was bad news as it took a while to get going again.

Enough said on that but more stock photos today. I have found a problem with my new lens and that is when the extender is on and on the tripod the mirror shakes the image. Mike and I are looking for a cure and think that as the camera has mirror lock on it we maybe get round the problem, My old 300D had a timer on the mirror so that you could set the shutter to go off after so many seconds, the 500D doesn't. I will have to carry out some tests so that I can get some more Moon shots.

Today's Picture as from yesterday are from Sunday.

Brent Geese
Not really sure about this one 

More of the same

Lapwing taking off

More lapwing up and a way
These birds took off because some (one) dog owner let his dog run wild by shore.

Gull in flight

With luck I may be able to get out at the weekend as the weather here is suppose to be warm and bright, that is if my back will let me sit in a car. Not driven since Monday, I am thinking of the fuel that I have saved.

Have fun, see you tomorrow.

I have been told that they are Shelducks


  1. Hi Trev, like the gull in flight !
    hope your on the mend.....
    Chris R and Dave R

  2. Hi ya Trev .... I am so sorry that you have not been well .... I hope the pain is easing and that you are back to normal very soon xxxxxxx

    Lovely shots .... even the Shelduckbrentgoose! lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Come on Trev, you must be well for Wednesday and the Chuck Wagon

  4. I know Mike, I miss the chuck wagon and that is two weeks running. I am fading away to nothing.
    Yes Eileen Richard told me what they were, hence the update.

    Thanks all.

  5. I do like that single gull in flight !!!!


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