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Monday, 12 December 2011

Aylesford and the River Medway

Hi All,
        As Mike said we had some time to spare before we went to pick up Sue from Homebase last Saturday. Went to Aylesford a village on the river Medway. Mike has put some up, now it is my turn.

These first two are for Mike to look at.

15th century bridge
This is now a foot bridge over the river


River Medway
Looking down stream

From the road bridge
The reflection of the church in the river
It would be better if there was no wind.

That's it thanks for looking


  1. Ah ..... beautiful,beautiful pictures 'em all!

    I think maybe you and Mike have hit on the subject matter that you both shine at .... landscapes ... MORE please xxxx

  2. We will see what we can do, a Mike!


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