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Sunday, 11 December 2011

Satuday 3rd March 2007 Total Luna Eclipse

Hi All
       As Kendo missed Saturday's partial eclipse of the Moon so I thought I would put up my pictures of the last Total Luna Eclipse. This took place on Saturday  3rd March 2007 and was the first one that I had ever seen. I was involved with the Mid-Kent Astronomical Society and put together a PowerPoint presentation with a few of the members  pictures sorry I can't find it to put it on, one day maybe.

The eclipse started at 2016 with the Moon high in the sky and was fully eclipsed from 2224 to 23:58. It was starting to uncover by 0005 when I pack up. It was completely uncovered by 0220.

 The Moon  in the Earth's shadow





Around midnight Total  
This has the Moon totally in the earth shadow. This image can never do justice to the real thing. You really got to see the copper colour to believe it.

Picture were take with may Canon 300D with my 300mm lens mounted on the side of my Celestron 8" telescope. This meant that the camera was driven and I only had to take the pictures.

I pack up just after this but it was a great night and not as cold as Saturday

Thanks for looking.


  1. Well done Trev in finding the pictures, very interesting, be good to see the PowerPoint presentation.
    Michael just switched his machine off as you hadn't posted .... then you did, he looked on here and said he will comment in the morning. This painting lark has worn him out but then he was down there at 5 am putting on the "Coastal Glow".

  2. Wow, wow, wow, Trev ..smashing pictures. The moon looks so beautiful. Thanks for digging them out for us Trev xxxx

  3. Painting at 0500 is a no, no as it makes you go to bed early

    I will see if I can find the pp as I think it maybe on the laptop but it is most of MKAS members shots.


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