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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Lights

Well only one day to go and it will be all over for another year. The one thing that I do like about the weeks before Christmas is peoples imagination with their lights. I have been out tonight and taken a few pictures. I think they are better than last time as I had more time to look at the shots and it was not so cold.

Try these.




That is all I took tonight but just to add balance

No red coat

Grain PS

Coming in

There you are a bit of everything.

Enjoy your Christmas


  1. Love the Christmas lights Kayrole

  2. Thanks Trev ... lovely lights and a bit of summer with the flowers as well ... I have loved reading your blog posts everyday Trev ... you and Mike,Daisy,Charles,Chris and Dave have been great fun in 2011 ... 2012 will be even better !
    Love Eileen xxxx

  3. Hi mate, well done with those lights they are good.

    What's this about me not wearing a red coat, oh yes I was, it was under the black one lol.

    Thanks for coming with me on our many trips around Kent. I had a great time with you and all out antics we got up to in the fields. Mushrooms, Fungi, Horses,Birds and even the Longhorns. it was GREAT FUN.

    Thanks for cooking us dinner and letting us watch your big TV with the Apprentice.

    Let's hope we can have even more fun next year.

    Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year mate.

    Best wishes, Mike and Sue XX

  4. Well Mike, Sue and Eileen, Thank's a lot for that. Lets hope that we can all please in 2012.

    It would be nice to have a get together once in a while even if only to chew over old times or just to have a good time.

    Have a good day tomorrow, love to the "girls".


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