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Friday, 23 December 2011

Not much today

Hi All, as it is getting very near Christmas I have had a lot to do. I set off to do my final shop this morning and was hoping to get out about lunch time. or just after. Around half one I received a phone call from the clubs web-master to say that someone had hacked into the web site and altered some of our files. He was having trouble with his internet as it kept crashing and could I do a restore. I back up the site most weeks on a Monday.

 I did a restore and it turned out that the hacker had been in before I took the last backup. So I had to do it again using a file from earlier. This meant I did not get out, but while this was going on a Robin landed on my bird table and  I go a good shot of him.

 One of the legs of the table need repairing that is why it leans

That was all I got today but I did see a Wagtail having a feed but I could not get the camera in time.

Lets hope for a better day tomorrow.

Thank's for looking.


  1. That's a lovely Robin Redbreast, hope he comes again, he didn't seem to mind the "Leaning Tower of Medway".

  2. Leaning Tower of Mudway even, good shot.

  3. Oooooo lovely Shot of my favourite Christmas Bird! Have a super Christmas Trev ... Love and Kissy kissy from Daisy, Holly and me !! XXXX Best wishes from Kendo lol! xxx

  4. The Robin lives here and it the one that came into my conservatory a few weeks ago.

    Kissy Kissy from me and even to Kendo,LOL.
    Please give daisy and Holly a big lick too.

    Merry Christmas all

  5. Merry christmas Trev, still got problems with the computer, we'll sort it after christmas ! Borrowed my sons laptop to wish everyone a happy and peaceful christmas ! All the best the robin !
    Chris and Dave R

  6. Greeting to you both, I had wondered where you were but glad you are ok.

    Have a good Christmas and then get the computer fixed.


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