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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Morning at Riverside

Hello All, It was overcast but on the bright side this morning so I thought I would chance it. I arrived at Riverside  about 0915 or there about's. There was a few car in the car park, people walking their dogs, most said good morning. It was a bit windy but really a strong breeze, nothing to worry about, but after a while the old finger got really cold.

At the first creak there were some Wigepn's sleeping and cleaning  themselves along with Mallard's and Gulls.But then the first picture has to be a PS so this is Grain PS just for starters.

Grain PS Christmas Morning

Onwards and outwards 
In the first Creek 


Having a good shake

Red Shank


Ringed Plover
I don't see many of these down here but I thought it was Lapwing until I got it on the computer.

As I walked up to Bloors Wharf in a BIG puddle were about 20 Gulls having a bath, but took off as I moved in for the shot.

Gulls not hanging around

Red Shank close up
This bird did not seem afraid and kept feeding

Along the font of the wharf lots and lots of Wigeon and were ok with me until a guy on a bike cycled close to the edge. I was lucky that they only moved out away  from the side.

Wigeon close in

We have lift off
A bit dark but no time to set up with this shot

Hard landing

This was  right in front of me

and this

In the last few weeks we have had snow, a few hardish frosts as well as strong cold winds. So I was surprised to see this still growing and in flower.

I have forgotten what it is called but it must be a hardy plant.

That is it for today, I hope that you enjoyed the display.

I am looking forward to a few sunny days which will improve things.

Happy New Year to you.


  1. I enjoyed today's post very much Trev ...we took the girls out for a walk this morning and saw a few birds as well ... Lovely shots as usual Trev .. Ps Gonna blog a card tomorrow! Know wot I mean 'arry! lol xxx

  2. My you have been busy. Been to Church this morning and had a light lunch followed by a massive Dinner.

    Good blog, glad you got out.Ready for Downton and a sleep.

  3. I have answered your FB message Eileen

    Well Mike I took enough to last two day but if it is fine tomorrow I will be out and about.

    I hope that you both have a Happy New year.


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