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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Continuing cold trail and Luna eclipse

Hi all, for those that did not know there was a Luna eclipse (partial) at around 1550 today. Mike and I went out on the green outside his house and set up our cameras at 1545 and waited for the Moon to come into view. I am not sure what time this was but we both got pictures and cold. I hope Mike will put his up as you can then see what he took. As it was his first time and that the was high cloud both of us did well

Near the beginning 

Near the end

These were taken using a 300mm lens on a tripod

This one was playing with the standard lens 18-55mm around 2000 tonight 

Back to yesterday windy waves


Low flying with reflection

Birds on a wire
That is it for today.

Have fun, thanks for looking


  1. Oooooo super,super,super shots of the moon Trev ... Very interesting. Ken was soooo mad wiv me cos I was nagging him to sort out my old pc and transfer files over to my new one and various other stuff to do wiv the computer and he missed the eclipse! Not a happy Kendo! xxx

  2. Poor Kendo, Eileen. It is a pity that he missed it but it was hard to see as there was only a little shadow as you can see.

    If I can find them I will put up the last total eclipse as I was out from 2130 to 005. I can't remember the date but I should be able to find it.

  3. Well done Trev. I have been up since 5am doing the loo so only just got onto the puter. Good moon shots and the birds. Nice to see you yesterday. I will try to get up some Alyesford shots tonight.


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