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Monday, 16 January 2012

Birds and planets

Hi All
      I took a trip to Lower Helstow yesterday morning and it was low water, great I thought but not hardly any birds. I am not sure where they were but not many Gulls as well.

I decided to walk the bank to see just what I could find, well guess what stood out.

Grain PS
Well any port in a storm Eileen

There were a few other things.

The entrance to the bank

Silver Birch

Frosty path

Sparrow in a bush

And as I walked to the bank


Old jetty

A con trail for Mike

Now you don't see one of these very often a headless Little Egret

Little Egret

By this time the ground was getting tacky and it was time to go home.

This evening I got my telescope out to have a go at Jupiter and it's moons. Well there were three moon and as I could not find the other one I think it was on the other side of the planet. I did look to see if it was in transit but could not see it. I could see detail in the cloud belts when the air steadied but no moon.

I am putting two picture up, one of Jupiter and the other of Jupiter and two moons. 

Jupiter no moons
 Because Jupiter is so bright the only way to get the moons with my camera is to blow Jupiter out. You can just make out the other moon top right

Two moons of Jupiter
After this I did have a look at the Orion Nebula (M42) but the cloud blotted everything out and I had to come in. With luck I might get out Monday night. Well I was going to leave it here but I was up at 0530 and out before six to get a better shot of the Moon, (that's what you have to do Mike), so here is a couple that I shot around 0600

Down the terminator 

Down the terminator

Montes Apenninus
Mare Imbrium

Thanks for looking


  1. Great post Trev.....fascinating, informative and variety !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Well done Trev,

    Like all of them but the best is the Egret followed by the Moon, great stuff.

    I was up at 6.30 scrapping off cars for MOT but I did stop and look at the moon for a while and got all the neighbours talking.

    Shame about the 2nd Jupiter shot blowing out the planet but its moons came out ok. Can you bracket the camera whilst in the Telescope?

  3. The little egret is very good, especially the one that is camera shy. Good for you getting up so early to look at the moon, you got some great shots.

  4. Thanks for another PS shot Trev! I forgive you cos the rest of your pictures are sooooo lovely ... Like the little Egret without his 'bonce' !


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