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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Leeds Castle continued

Hi All
          I have so many pictures from Mike and my visit to Leeds Castle that I thought I would put the rest up. I also have a picture taken last night of Jupiter. Now Jupiter is not easy in that it is one of the brightest object in the sky apart from Venus.

This brightness washes the cloud belts out, but you can just make them out, no moons this time.

You can just make out the belts

The next time I go out I have one more thing to try and that is fit a 6.3 focal reducer to the telescope. This will make the telescope faster and may bring up the belt.

Leeds castle

As you know Mike, Sue and me (after me paying..Boo Hoo) visited the castle last Wednesday. These are the rest of the pictures that I took.

Birds on a wire

This tree is older than OTL

Walking tree

Sun and tree

I'm the boss around here

No your not I am

That's a laugh


It is a Starling of sorts
 This bird just did not know how to shut up, he kept calling all the time

Sue has the name of this bird
Well that is it until I go again. It looks cloudy tonight so no telescope.

Have fun, thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Trev, great birdie shots, love the old tree and can just make out the bands on jupiter.....well done!
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Ooooooo you are living dangerously regarding the Old Tree, Trev. ... Good shots Trev ... you are turning out some stunning work lately .... not the Power stations tho !!!

  3. Good blog Trev.

    Nice bird and tree shots, be careful Eileen is on the warpath lol.

  4. Don't think I know the birds name but I like the pictures. That poor old tree, it is a wonder it has survived with the great big hole, I wonder if something lives in the hole? The cranes always look so regal and I am sure they are in charge of the little pond in the aviary.

  5. Many thanks All.

    I am glad you like them, with luck I may have some more tomorrow, (after the chuck wagon)


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