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Monday, 23 January 2012

River bank walk

        Well it was a beautiful afternoon yesterday too good to miss getting the camera out and putting it through it's paces. For once I had a problem with the camera it would not focus. Now it had been working ok when used it in the morning but no matter how I tried I couldn't get it to auto focus. I tried resetting the camera and that didn't work. I could not fine out if it was the camera or the lens that was not working. I walked back to the car and put the standard lens on but it made no difference. Now apart from resetting the camera I had not done anything. I went in to the menu and went right through it and deep in the users set up I found that there was a setting for turning off the auto focus. Now I have never altered this as it was working when the camera came out of the store.
          Now before I came out yesterday afternoon I changed the battery for one that I had forgotten to charge. I wonder if this spiked the camera. I have no idea what the cause was but I will know next time. A lot of the picture may have soft focus as they were manually focus and I wear glasses.

        I drove to Motney Hill car park and walk out onto the bank, the mud was in so a brown bird against a brown background, woopy. I did manage a few good shot but wearing glasses is not good as they are veri-focal.



  The Hoover of the bird world

My feet are cold

Oyster catcher 

Which way now

The most beautiful PS 
Kingsnorth PS it shows how strong the wind is.

By the way Mike I had the most beautiful con trail over the house yesterday but I was too busy to take pictures

That's all folks 



  1. Nice shots Trev, not sure that Eileen would use the word 'BEAUTIFUL' for the old power station !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. You did ok with your Verifocals, I wear them as well.

  3. It is hard work coz you don't know which part to look through

  4. You did well there Trev, lots of colours and nice to see the sunshine. That must have been an enormous spike to alter the settings, let's hope it didn't change anything else.

  5. Glad you managed to sort out your camera ...what a pain that must have been ..talking of pain ... thanks for the POWER STATION shot ....... again lol lol lol xx The rest are very good Trev x

  6. Well Eileen, I thing it is one of the best PS shots that I have ever take. The light is right and it was a perfect picture (I mean the picture not the PS)

    Sue, I don't know what happened all I know was that it seemed to be the only thing that had changed. I don't even know it was that. It is deep in the user menu and would be something that you would be looking for.


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