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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sun spots 22 January 2012

Morning all, After doing the chores I thought it was a nice day and as I knew that there were some great big sunspots on the sun I set up the telescope. I use a custom made filter that knocks out 99% of the heat and light of the sun, this make it safe to look at the sun. If I didn't have this on I would melt the glass mirror in the telescope and of course my eye.

I took a look at sure enough there were two very large sunspots 1401 and 1402 both facing the Earth.. There is a warning of solar energy coming towards the earth and communication disruption if it does. Anyway I fitted the camera to the telescope and got two pictures that show this off, one a close up.

Sunspot 1401 top

The same but close up
More info at http/

 Both images are really the same and shows what you can do with Lightroom 3 

Five minutes after this one the cloud came over and that was that.

No more today unless the cloud clears.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Wonderful stuff Trev.....Keep it coming !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Well done Trev, you did a great job with those.

  3. I find this all very interesting Trev .... fantastic pictures.
    MORE please xxxxx


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