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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Two evenings in Mote Park

Hi All, if you have looked at Mike's blog you will have known that Mote Park put on a BBC2 Stargazing Live with the Mid-Kent Astronomical Society (MKAS). Well the event astounded the organiser Alan. We had been told to expect 100 people a night over three nights. Because he could not get the sports hall on Sunday he said 150 over two nights. Well as Mike said we had nearly 400 on Friday and over 800 Saturday night. We had two telescopes out in the park until around 9:30 when it clouded over. These had a queue of over 100 people trying to look through them. 

Inside we put on three 40 minute talks as well as quizzes for the kids. The BBC supplied  star charts and things to do (making a rocket with cola and mints was one) With this number and problems with BBC2 we ran out as they only sent half of what we asked for. Alan sorted out the publicity for the park and we the BBC. Now most of the organisers for the BBC only work part time Wednesday to Friday so nothing get done over the weekend or early part of the week.

 I am only going to put up one picture of the event as if you want more you need to buy the Kent Messenger or view the BBC2 Stargazing Live web site.

This a side from the main event I had a talk with the KM photographer about Canon Nikon cameras. He was using a Nikon. The Canon is better and low noise at higher ISO than the Nikon. This is something that those involved in imagine have know for a long while.

Inside the sports hall at one of the talks.

If the weather is good tomorrow I will be out with the camera.

Thank's to Mike for is help over the last two day's

Have fun thank's for looking


  1. Sounds fascinating Trev ! Will pop over to the bbc2 website !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Glad to have been of help Trev. A fantastic event and I learnt a lot in a very short time. Thanks for inviting me.

  3. Your welcome Mike.
    Weather not good for this week cloud all week.

  4. Very interesting stuff Trev .... sounds a bit hectic at times! Glad to see so many people are visiting! x


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