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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wild things

Hi All
         Well it was Wednesday yesterday and this means a trip to Ashford to take Mike's Granddaughter back. After our banter with the ladies at the chuck wagon we decided to go to Ore Marsh.

Lunch behind us and off we headed. It was foggy on the road to Faversham but cleared up as we got nearer the town. On arriving at the Marsh the first thing that took both our eyes.......

Now this is the last thing that we expected to see and not many birds as well. We left Sue in the car reading her book while Mike and me went to the East Hide. A waste of time this was but on the way I saw my first Marsh Harrier. Not the best picture in the world but being my first Marsh Harrier  I had to try.

Long range Marsh Harrier

As there was nothing doing but a few Coots we left and was walking back to the car when we got to the gate and in a field next door was...

Cow munching 
It was then that Mike ask if I had been to the West Hide, no I haven't, so we walked there. When we got inside we saw the Marsh wild horses grazing in front of us quite a distance away.

Wild horses
From what I have been told there is a heard of wild horse roaming free on the marsh, nobody looks after them.

At this time the light was fading so we headed back to the car where Sue was still reading her book.

Mike and I did have a play with the cameras and if you want to have some "fun" with your camera try this:-

Set the ISO as high as possible (in our case the was 12800) take a picture of anything that is at a great distance. Now zoom in and take a look. Now I have no idea why anyone would want to use an ISO this high for any reason.

I'm cold, so am I
Well it was a fun afternoon and not wasted with the Longhorns being there. I might add that when we returned to the car the Longhorn had gone.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Good shots Trev ! a nice variety.....
    Chris and Dave R


  2. Well done Trev, good Longhorn and Horses. Shame he had a Muddy eye.

  3. Lovely pictures Trev ... those horses are a Polish Breed ..from Poland! lol If you look up Stodmarsh Horses on Google it will tell you all about them ... I love the picture of the Ducks Trev ... I'm cold.... so am I ! love it xxxx

  4. Thanks Eileen, I was only told that they were wild and were there all year round.

    The duck were the only one that were that close and they told me that they were cold......

  5. Good selection even though there weren't the birds this time, it was amazing to see the Longhorns so close but you were safer on this side of the fence. Interesting about the horses Eileen, not just a pretty face!

  6. You are right there Sue, I don't think that they can jump the fence


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