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Monday, 27 February 2012

Welcome Home

Hi All,
           From others blog's you must know now that Fred passed away Sunday morning. He was not an active bird but did sometimes jump about his cage. More often that not sat up by the side of his cage not doing anything. I tried to save him on Saturday but it was too late. I am now told that he has diarrhoeal and it was dehydration that killed him. I went to the shop this morning and had a talk with the owner and decided to change everything, cage and all the toys. that way I have a new start. So enter Jimbo.

Jimbo is a lively bird green in colour 3 months old and from the few minutes he has been here  a climber and a shouter.

Welcome to my world
   He has done more shouting than Fred ever did and so far he has climbed over the back of his cadge. He still needs to settle down as I have had his wings clipped so that I have 6 to 8 weeks to train him.

When I have him more settled I will sent another picture.

I am still getting over the rally from yesterday (more like the last month) crashed at 11PM last nigh a slept right through.

380 odd through the door yesterday. I have to admit to being glad it is over for another year, well until July when we start all over again, will I ever learn!

Update on Jimbo
He has made more noise today that the other one did in two weeks. He was chatting away to himself tonight but I think he still has to settle over the next few days.

Thanks for looking.


  1. So sorry to hear about fred......sounds like Jimbo
    should settle in nicely....keep us posted Trev !!
    chris and Dave R

  2. nice bird trevor good bit of advice starting from scratch sound as if jimbo is going to be a lively bird trev iam still getting over the rally but gald it was a good one trev well done to u richard

  3. Well all things cone right in the end. Welcome aboard Jimbo have a good life and look after our Trev.

  4. I am sorry about you loosing Fred after only two weeks but Jimbo sounds like a different character all together. Agree with Anon that starting from scratch is a good idea, look forward to hearing about his antics.

  5. Woohoo .. Trev, So pleased you have Jimbo to keep you on your toes! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of him. His name made me smile cos my dad's name was Jim and whenever we kids were after something, usually money! we would say to him 'come on Jimbo where's yer cash'! Took me back there Trev xxxxxx

  6. Thanks all,
    I can here him (Jimbo) shouting in the other room now.
    The name is what John (G6CNF) and me called our Boss (friend) who was G6FCL Jim, He now runs a mobile phone shop in South Africa.

    1. PS
      I am still getting over the Rally Rich, it gets to night time and I fall asleep in the chair.

      I was going out with Stan and Martin tonight but not today....


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