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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wind chill -6

Hi all, it was a cold day down on the river. The wind was not strong but it was really cold, ripped right through you. The old temp was around 1 to -2 plus a wind chill of -4.2. Almost too cold to hold the camera.

Well, I braved it but my face and hands froze, I managed 30 minutes before I chickened out and went back to the car. In the car park it felt like summer, you know that season we had around June. anyway here is what I got this afternoon. BTW I am still thawing out.

Sheltered from the wind

I don't care about the wind (Lapwing)

I'm off

Teal's and Mallards

Not sure what this is 

More Teal's


Well that is the lot for today, I need somewhere warmer for tomorrow 

Thanks for looking


  1. Nice pictures there Trev, well worth going out and freezing.

    I worked this morning and stayed in this afternoon. Would have likes to get the telescope out this evening but I think I will stay in the warm.

  2. Hi Trev.....brave man, out in the cold weather.......feel sorry for the birds, some nice shots though !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. No Chris not really brave just silly
    The best part was not many people about.

    I am glad you like the effort.

  4. I hope you had your vest on Trev .... Ken was out each day with the girls but kept well wrapped up! ... Good pictures Trev .. thanks for going out ... I would miss them if you didn't go and you might be tempted to show old pictures of ..... Power Stations !!! lol lol lol xxxx

  5. No PS for a while Eileen, but it is the Canvey Rally tomorrow so no pictures.

    Looking forward to the snow as I have yet too try that out.
    It is going to get warmer looking at the WX tonight


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