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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Horse Trading

Morning All, yesterday Mike and me stopped at Hothfield Common again. We had a map app that we wanted to try out. We left Sue reading her book and set off onto the common.

Just inside
As we followed the path chatting away as you do we came across a hoof print and thought that someone was riding  but no more thought of it.

Hoof print
We carried on wandering and saw one of the rangers Land Rovers and headed towards it, hoping that they could tell us where the horses were.

There was nobody in it so we started to wander off when Mike said look! There at the top of the hill were the horses. As we walked up there was a shout "we are bringing them through there". I was the rangers. We stood to one side as the horses moved down the trail. They all stopped and so did the rangers.

Got any food Mr
We had a chat with the ranger who had a bucket of pellets to bribe the horses with and she told us that they had got out and that they were being rounded up . We had quite a chat and took loads of pictures while this was going on.  The horses were trying to pinch the pellets while she was talking to us, so she got one of the other to take the bucket back to the Land Rover, guess what, the horses followed.

There's food in there


Now the last time we saw these horse I am sure that they were pregnant but there were no other horses around.

After this we carried on with out walk and found that the App was working well and is showed all of the trails through the common.

We took other pictures but you will have to wait another day.

Thanks for looking.


  1. nice pic trev looks like u and mike had anice day got a new car trev 2ltr mondeo black pic it up tommorow it is a 2008 plate speak to u about it latter trev richard

  2. Well done Trev, nice one. They all looked a little bit battle scared to me, still being outside all the time I suppose we would too.

    1. Yup a bit of mud on some of them.

  3. What a lovely experience to come your way, sounds like you had a good day.

  4. Well we did have a good afternoon and we were knackered afterwards.....

  5. Even I was tired reading my book. Well done to you both for coming across the lovely horses, glad you had a good capture.

  6. Fabulous horse shots Trev !Nice post....sorry this is late !
    Chris and Dave R

  7. Oh Trev .... fabulous, fabulous post ... Just love the pictures ... right place.... right time. Lucky old you two ( three with Sue ) xxx


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