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Friday, 16 March 2012

What a picture or not..

Hi All, I set off to go to Riverside yesterday afternoon and walked out to  Horrid Hill. This time I did not take the camera but the tripod and field scope.  I am glad I did as I don't have a lens 5feet long. The field scope was ideal.

I spent about 20 minutes watching a couple of Oyster Catcher feeding and saw things that I would not have seen with the camera. At first they just seemed to pick-up the odd bit on the surface but then they started to go deeper and I could see something wriggling in their beaks. I think it was shrimp. I then started to scan round.

I came across a couple of Shelduck's  feeding in the main channel. Then the was something that I can't ID, but maybe someone else can. it was like a Moorhen but was white with a black streak across it's back.

There were quite a few Shovelers,  and a Black Tailed Godwit. Then along the edge was two Curlew. I wonder how they don't break their beaks when feeding.

I then looked out into the channel and there was a Grebe, A Great Crested Grebe. It had a red orange head and was doing a clean. Then all of a sudden it dived under. I only found it after doing a scan, it travelled a long way under water. This it did three times after which I could not find it.

There  were Teals and Mallards as well but they were a way off and hard to see.

Carrying on from Wednesday, Mike and my trip to Hothfield Common. As I said there was lots to take pictures of, but one I missed was Mike stepping into the bog. He   thought it was dry solid ground. I am not sure if he got water in his shoe but his shoe did get wet.

The bog

After this the path was damp to wet

Open heathland

All chopped up

Maybe bonfire night

I am sure that some of the damaged trees were the result of the storm in 87.

That is it, thanks for looking.


  1. Glad you had fun with your scope, now's the time to start saving for a longer and bigger lens plus a wheelbarrow.

    I didn't get a wet foot only a muddy shoe, nice shots of the Heathland.

    1. The wheelbarrow to carry the money for the lens!

      I am glad you only had a wet shoe.

  2. Another nice post Trev....sounds like you had a great day, more to come now the weather is getting milder !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Interesting Post Trev .... good pictures but I would love to see one of Mike in the bog ! lol xxx

    1. So would I Eileen, but he was to quick


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