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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sun Spots 1420 and 1430

Hi All
       Well the weather was not good yesterday so I did not go out. I had loads of other things to do anyway.

This morning the sun so out so I took the telescope and went and had a look at a very large sunspot transing across the sun. Now I was told how large this was but can't remember how many Earth would fit in it.  Today the radiation from it is going to hit the earth and COULD take out power grids. Please note the COULD.

Sunspot 1429 with 1428 on the right
Sunspots are cooler parts of the sun and that is why they look dark.

Here is an image take about half an hour later, the sun was higher.

1429 later
This image is only processed and not cropped.

Well that is all folks
Thanks for looking


  1. So fabulous to see Trev.....thank you !
    chris and Dave R

  2. Amazing shots Trev.... We were hoping that the evening skies would be nice and clear so we maybe could see some northern lights but it was too cloudy ... Interesting stuff! Hugs to Jimbo! How is he doin?

    Eileen xxx

  3. Around 8 last night was a really clear Moon but being full it would have washed them out.


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