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Sunday, 1 April 2012


Hi All
 Its been busy here this morning, I did not join the rat race for petrol as I decide to let them waste their time in the queue. I was getting low so I had to go and get some. I drove into the garage and filled up right away, no problems at all.

I really had to laugh over the last few days, think about it HMG got loads of money out of the motorist over two days. But next weekend they will have use most of it and have to fill up again. Now think how much tax HMG collected , need I say more..

Up date on Jimbo, he is a little terror as when I let him out to clean his cage, he runs over the other side of the room and doesn't know where to go. He waits for me to finish sometimes shouting at me to come and get him. When I have finished I go over to him with an out stretched finger and move towards him saying "get on" he comes running over hops on my finger and I put him towards the cage. He then jumps in.

Jimbo tucked up

 With this weather I have a nice display of flowers in my garden, I thought I would share them with you. Apart from Tulips and daffs I haven't a clue what any of the are.



Easter week and it won't feel any different to last week, for those going away I hope that you a have a safe journey and a good time, thanks for looking.


  1. Glad that Jimbo is giving you stick, good show Jimbo, you show him who's boss. Nice flowers from the garden.

  2. The pink one looks like a camellia, like the ones we saw in Leeds Castle near the entrance/exit path. Well done and also nice to see Jimbo and hear what he has been up to, sounds like he has got into a proper routine. I have had problems commenting, could not tell you that I liked yesterdays horses as it came up with an error. Had the same thing the other day with Daisy's Diary.

  3. Hi Trev, I think the first flower could be a camelia, but I'm not sure !! And Jimbo looks positively chirpy.....a lovely post
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Thanks Chris, I think you are right.

    Sue, I couldn't get on the blog (or any blog) last night as it came up with a 503 error. Seems ok today.

    1. Trev .... lovely post here ... I just adore little Jimbo and I am very pleased he is doing so well ... please see comment I have left on Mikes blog for my news.... having trubble commenting on here!!! I hpe you get this xxxx


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