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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Runners and Lovers (Adult content)

Hi All
         I never learn a lesson, after lunch instead of coming home I went to Capstone Park. To hell with the Hay Fever I need to get out with the camera. I am glad I did because I enjoyed the hour or so that I spent there. When I got home I did wish that I had come home as it took hours to get over it, in fact it is now 2300 and the old throat is still a bit rough. I do hope that you like the pictures because it will make it worth while.

A 90 mile an hour Coot
Someone was feeding the ducks even with a notice saying not to.
This Coot saw this and race across the pond at light speed.
One thing I have noticed about Coot is that they seem to be the fastest birds on any water.

Bounding up the steps

Kept going

Still going strong

 Where's the food. The other had eaten it by the time he got there.

The lovers
Do you know what type of geese these are as I can't match them in any book.

I'm not saying anything


Sleepy head

Well that was it, interesting to say the least.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Really nice post Trev,love the " adult content". It was sure worth the effort. Glad you made the most of the day.
    There is a no feeding policy there now due to bread attracting vermin.

    1. People were not taking notice of it, mainly people with kid giving them bread.

      From what I saw the rats didn't stand a chance before the ducks and seagulls got it.

      I would not have had those pictures if that had.

      I agree with their policy

  2. A really good set of Photos Trev.....Just a shame that you had to suffer to get them !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Hello Ugly!

    Those Geese are reasonably rare, they are called White Fronted Geese on account of their white face.

    What were they doing? Wrestling?

    Two falls, Two Submissions or a Knock Out?

    Daisy & Holly

  4. These were the very same geese walking around when we took Daisy there last week, although they were just "walking about" then.
    That poor Coot, they are so funny when they walk about, God never designed them to walk but they do their best. Good set of photos, sorry you had to suffer for your art, better take up stamp collecting or knitting.

  5. Aww Trevor ... Sorry you suffer so much wiv the H/fever. I am so glad you still go out and about cos these pictures are smashing ! The coot pictures are priceless !! Love 'em !

    E xx

  6. Well thanks All, I looked up the geese and the books said that White Fronted Geese were up north so I dismissed them.

    Hay Fever better this morning but as Mike, Sue and me are off to Ashford i don't think that will last for long.


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