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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Still a bad week

 Morning all,
               I have wonder just how bad this flu would have been without that jab I had away back. To think that I nearly missed having it. The trouble was they did them on a Saturday. I remembered in the morning that at 1200 I had to go. When it came to 1200 I was off somewhere with the camera. Sometime in the evening I remembered that I had not been. Cap in hand I went round the Doctors and said sorry. The next problem was they did not know when the next lot was coming in. The NHS never orders it early enough or not enough.

I Kept going round and asking and I was told about two months later a date in the week. I had very nearly given up when I had it. I can't blame any one but me but after this belt (the first for years) I am glad I did.

I have looked back over the year and pick out some photographs that are worth seeing again including that reflection in the window. If all goes well this week I am going to one of two car shows next weekend.

Beak full

Taking a bath

Thanks for looking and maybe some fresh ones next week, have fun


  1. Poor Trev, sorry to here that you have had such a rough time with this.

    I was going to the Detling Antiques show with Sue and Margaret but I decided to stay in the warm and dry.

  2. Lovely shots Trev, lets hope you are on the mend !
    Chris and Dave Richards

  3. Best wishes and a hug sent to you Trev ... I hope next week is heaps better for you ... Love to little Jimbo too!
    Good to see the pictures of some sunshine!
    Eileen xxx

  4. Thanks all, I think it is back to the Doctors this week as nothing seems to be working, fingers x


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