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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bad start to the week

Morning all, The weekend started well apart for the Hay Fever. The trip out with the Morris Minor Club went well. Martin and I set off around 1015 in his Minor and  headed to Maidstone to meet up with the rest of the club. After around 20 minutes some 8 or 9 Minors set off with 20 of us. It was a trip to a place called Egerton and George pub.
The meal was good and we all chatted with each other until it was time to leave. Martin and I made out way through the back lanes  until he dropped me off about 1530. This is when things changed.

I then lost my voice and could not talk. Now I have done this before but it has never gone completely. I could not answer the phone or talk to Jimbo. I went to the paper shop yesterday and could not say anything. Then later in the day I got a little of it back but couldn't say a lot.

This morning I was hoping to show you a video of Jimbo having a tug of war with the rings in his cage. The video was too over the top so was scrapped and he didn't do it again.

This morning I have a bit more of my voice back but it is hard work talking.

Now I didn't get any pictures but I do have some to show you.


Thanks for looking


  1. Cor blimey Trev .. that's not very good losing your voice like that... is it the H/fever? Are you going to the doc? is your breathing okay and swallowing?? Poor old Jimbo must have thought he'd gone deaf! Hugs xxxx

  2. No I am not going to the doctors. The Hay Fever has gone and swallowing is ok. Head aches and feels like a hangover.

    I hope to have my Voice back tomorrow.

    I do think that I have a cold or a virus. Colds don't normally stop me doing anything but this feels more like the flu with out being sick.

    Jimbo is having a chat with himself as I type this.

  3. Poor Trev, this is not very good. Hope you soon get better, will miss you tomorrow but I think it's for the best due to next Monday.
    Really nice berry shot.
    Keep warm.

  4. Sorry to you are unwell and hope you managed to enjoy yourself out with Martin before the voice went. You take care, don't over tax yourself, get well soon.
    Daisy will have to make more bread pudding when you are better, there's an incentive for you. xx

  5. Now that would be nice Sue

    I have most of my voice back but the catarrh is getting me down.

  6. Hi Trev.....apologies for the late comment....I've been in hospital for two days with a virus and chest pains !! I'm home now and on the mend, so I do sympathise with you.....chirp, chirp to jimbo and some nice shots !!
    Chris and Dave R

  7. Hi Chris
    I have been to the Doctor's this morning in the hope that he will give me something to relieve this congestion on my chest.

    I still have not got my voice back but I am getting there.

    Not been out and don't feel like doing anything but next week with luck.

    Stick with it for me and watch this space.

  8. Hi Trev, hope you are feeling better !
    chris richards


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