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Monday, 30 April 2012

Looks like the start of a good week.

Well Mike is off to have his op and by now maybe nearly there, that is a result for him after all this waiting. I will see you when you get home, but remember NOT to book any working or I will tell the doctor.......

Doctors, I have been round to see mine this morning after this last weekend. I have felt that nothing was working and was coughing so much that I thought I had a chest infection. Good news is that I haven't. He gave me a clean bill on that one (Lungs and chest clear). So what is that has been keeping me in. It's the thing that I never believed I ever had Hay Fever with a cold in the throat. I can't pass it on but it will be a while  for it to go. Keep taking the pills and spay is what he said.

Good news over and now the bad, I have got to put up stock photos. When I have caught up  on the work that I haven't done for a week I will get out.


I hope that you enjoy, thank's for looking


  1. Good to see you are blogging even if it from previous outings. Some days when you get so many really good pics it is a shame that only a few can be posted so I think it nice to show them.
    Also reminds you of when you were out there and in the sunshine.
    That said, my favourite is the last one "coming in to land".x

  2. Lovely photos Trev.......hope you feel better soon !
    Love to Jimbo !!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Yes love to Jimbo , that Trevor as well. Glad we are both on the mend. Love the fern one , speak later

  4. Hi Trev... hope you are on the mend ... sounds like you are feeling a little better.... Yes I love the pictures you post even if you cannot get out and we get them from your 'library'! The gold/red leaves her are my fav.... stunning colours ....

    Love to you and Jimbo .. xxx

  5. I know we are a little late commenting, but, OTL also suffers with Hay Fever, serious sneezing and oh so loud!

    He has suggested that you try to purchase some locally made honey and spread that on your toast. Yep, we think it sounds stupid as well, but it seems to help. It won't cure you but lets face it, anything to get rid of a sore throat, itchy tongue and eye balls full of sharp sand and an evil temper!

    Say Woof to Jimbo for us and no, Holly didn't ask if he tastes like chicken!


  6. Well for once I know that OTL is right and I should have thought of it before.

    Jimbo say hi (sounded more like a tweet)


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