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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Tulips of the South

Morning all, because of other thing this morning I just missed the light. When I got out the sun had gone and it was cloudy. Still it is something.

An update on Jimbo, I now have him running up my arm and then jumping back into his cage. So far he has don't it every time with out missing his perch.

These Tulips have been beaten by this weeks rain and are a little past their best. They do look better with the sun on them, but the sun has gone home.

Pity the rain got some of those

As well as these

A little more sheltered

Just the edge od this one

That's it, Off  with the car club tomorrow so maybe some classic car shots tomorrow. Have fun, thanks for looking


  1. Lovely photos Trevor. Glad Jimbo is responding to training. LOL

  2. Lovely shots Trev....and very well done with Jimbo !
    chris and Dave R

  3. Ooo thanks for the Jimbo update Trev ... 'Who's a clever boy then'! The pictures are fab of the Tulips. Such lovely colours. Good post Trev xxxx

  4. Well done Trev , those Tulips are lovely.

    Jimbo will have you sorted from now on.

  5. I can't talk to him for the mo

  6. You can't talk to anyone. Poor Trevor, get better soon.


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