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Sunday, 20 May 2012

birds and things

Hi All
          I was going out all day today but I had a dickey Tum so did not go. I was off to a car show with a few friends but told them to leave me behind, pity because I feel great now.

I had taken a couple of shots in the garden as the light was bright yesterday. Not much but nice ones.

The first is my red Rhododendron that is 30 years old. It was in a large patio pot until a few years ago. It had flowered a few weeks early this year. With the rain it is beautiful this year.

Rhododendron with two Azalia 
The Azalia flower a few weeks before the Rhodi so are now past there best.

While I was taking this not 10feet away was the bird table, this Starling landed and started to feed. He did not take any notice of me and carried on while I photographed him.

Starling having a feed

Well that is it for today, thanks for looking


  1. Shame about the dicky tum Trev

    Nice shots of the Garden.

  2. Awwww glad the funny tum cleared up quickly but a shame you missed out on a trip out! ... Lovely pictures tho so a bonus for us ! xxxx

  3. Thanks Both, Yes I missed the last car show because it was flooded, maybe the next one.

    I hope to get out tomorrow with the camera.
    Fingers xxx

  4. Lovely garden shots Trev !
    Chris richards


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