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Monday, 21 May 2012

RIP Robin

Morning All,
 Sad news that Robin Gibbs past away yesterday. He gave us all such a big part of his life, so will be sadly missed.

I had Jimbo out today and he had a fly round and landed on the chair beside his cage. He never like to be far from his cage and if he does he is off back their.

The little poser let me take a few pictures before flying back to his cage.

What you looking at
Come on take my picture

 While this was going on the Jackdaw returned but flew off before I could take a shot. He only stayed a few seconds and was off.

I then had a flock of Starling all over the garden.

Starling perching

The Jackdaw came back for a feed and stayed long enough to get a few shots.

Now all I want is for that Jay to return long enough to get him

Lets see if the sun comes out and then I might get more.

Thanks for looking


  1. Yes, shame about Robin, we were all bought up with his music and he will be missed.

    Wow, Jimbo looks on top form.

    Hope your dicky tummy is less dicky.

  2. Yeah a bit sad today... Jimbo looks well tho How did you get the green 'frame' around your pictures on the blog Trev ????

    1. Under design go to image and the boarder, pick your colour.

      No problems today Mike.

      I have just listened to a programme on the radio about Robin.
      That make it very sad

  3. Jimbo stole the show for me Trev.....gorgeous little fellow !
    Chris richards

  4. Thanks for catching up Chris, I hope you had a good beak


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