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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Coming event

Morning All
 I don't know if you remember but on the 8th June 2004 the was a transit of Venus across the sun. This took place at around 0500 and lasted until around 0800.

This was just after the start at 0518
 The point of this is that on Wednesday 6th June THIS YEAR it is happening again. Now this is a once in a lifetime event because it won't happen until 2117, and I believe that it will be 2129 after that.

I thought that I will put up a few that I took at the time to show what can be done with limited equipment.

I was using my telescope and a Fuji 2200 Finepix compact camera. The orange is just a filter screwed to the e/piece.


On the 6th June you need to be up before sun rise as Venus will nearly be off of the sun's disc. My Club will be out at the Isle of Grain at about 0345 to set up telescopes with solar filters and hope to show something to the public.
More later

Thanks for looking


  1. Very interesting Trev, that Finepix worked a treat.

  2. Fascinating stuff Trev ! I look forward to seeing what you put up on the 7th june......Have a great Sunday !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Cor this is very interesting stuff Trev .... looking forward to seeing the pictures on the 7th.


    E xx

    1. There won't be any unless someone take a lot of gear with them. It will be too early as it could take an hour to set up.


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