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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bits of Nature

Morning all, yesterday was the club BBQ so I could not go anywhere. But in the morning there were a few things going on in the garden. Being early morning the reflection is not a problem.

There was a first for me in that I had two Jackdaws, one on the feeder and the other one on the bird table at the same time. They may have been a pair as they flew off together.

 Most of the time it was Starlings and more Starlings.


Having a drink

That was good
Then along came the Jackdaw's 

Jackdaw one

Jackdaw two
While at the BBQ there were some horses in the field but they down the bottom of the field.

A chancy shot

As you can see there is tall grass in the way.

Well that is it, thanks for looking


  1. That was good, is my favourite. You did t see me down the field in the horses shot as I was not in red. Lol

  2. No I didn't as you had a white one on... lol

  3. Love ... love love the Jackdaws Trev .... super shots.. The horses are super as well but the Jackdaws are my favs... How is Jimbo doing?

    Eileen xx

  4. Thanks Eileen, I have never before seen two together, so I hope they will be back

  5. Great shots Trev, love the Jackdaws too !
    chris and Dave R


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